Mobile Apps- The Game changer in Insurance Industry

  • Make communication between a company and its clients faster, smoother, and more effective
  • Automatically complete some tasks that insurance agents currently spend time on and allow clients to answer questions using live chat support
  • Free up time that agents can spend on finding new clients
  • Acquire new clients by advertising your app in other apps
  • More opportunities to collect and process data
  1. Remote consultation. Today we’re used to getting services remotely (if possible). And your customers, too, will expect that they can contact you online (using chat, feedback form, and other insurance app features).
  2. Quick access to information. The user can access the data related to his insurance through his application (which is extremely convenient, since all the information is always at hand).
  3. Push notifications. Your smart insurance app is a great way to keep in touch with your customers in real-time. You get a tool to remind them of the need to renew insurance, announce bonus programs, etc.
  4. Simple drawing up of insurance acts. A client needs to make a few taps to get his insurance. A mobile app greatly simplifies the whole process.
  5. Well-timed instructions. Suppose there is an incident with a client that may require the use of his insurance, and he has no idea of what to do next. An insurance app for iOS or Android comes in handy in such cases: the user just needs to open your application and read the instruction section to get information on the actions he should perform.
  6. GPS location. Also, let’s not forget about a GPS feature, whose task is to determine the user’s geolocation (with his consent, of course). Thanks to it, your client gets the opportunity to call the agent to the scene of the incident (say, if the client himself is confused and has no idea of where he is right now).
  1. Providing information about the company
  2. Making the claim process simpler and easy
  3. Automated business processes
  4. Increased customer base
  5. Unlimited communication
  6. Limited paperwork
  7. Effective targeting and personalization
  8. Enhancing the knowledge of insurance agents
  9. Telematics for Usage-based insurance
  10. Saving operational costs
  1. tracking insurance claims
  2. enrolling for a particular plan or purchasing it online
  3. get an in-depth understanding of the company’s products
  4. learn ways to improve their health via healthcare & wellness apps (some of which are created by insurance companies) are just a few on the list.

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AI & Deeptech focused technology startup disrupting Fintech, healthcare & Insurance sectors: Reducing Risk, Digital Access, Underwriting, Claims, Fraud & more.

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AI & Deeptech focused technology startup disrupting Fintech, healthcare & Insurance sectors: Reducing Risk, Digital Access, Underwriting, Claims, Fraud & more.

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